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Figure 27  INtegrated InfrasTructure for road and raIl trAnsporT using Electrification
The guideways for INITIATE could accommodate smaller sized vans as well as larger trucks and buses.  This
allows the wheel guide to locate on either the inside or outside of the track for smaller or larger width vehicles
respectively (see figure 28). Part of this track would be electrically conductive to supply power for electric
At junctions, the internal guideways disappear so the vehicles can steer across a conventional road surface so
they can join another track. (see figure 29). On entry to a new track the internal and external guideways taper to
allow the wheel follower to locate on the new guideways. A similar layout would also allow vehicles to drive
directly on and off the INITIATE infrastructure from the conventional road infrastructure as shown in figure
61 The disadvantage of using a traditional guideway or track is if any one train or vehicle breaks down it blocks all those behind it.  One
possible solution is to have spaced locations were the guideway is discontinued for a short distance so vehicles can leave it.  The vehicles
could also be equipped with buffers that allow the following vehicle to push the one in front to the next available exit point.
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