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Figure 26 Electric charging supply and demand
(also showing the INITIATE concept as described in section 6)
Using powered trailers for additional room and propulsion
To minimise the size of the car, a trailer could also be used to provide additional space for luggage and even
provide an aerodynamic benefit to the vehicle (see the trailer in figure 25). This would allow a much smaller
vehicle to be used for routine journeys, however, when space and range is required, the trailer can be attached.
This avoids the need for owning a much larger vehicle to cover all eventualities.
Car trailers could be used to house a small bio-fuelled powered IC engine and generator to charge the car
batteries, or the trailer wheels could be powered directly driven from the trailer IC engine.
  Hence if a motorist
decided to use their BEV for long distance touring for example, they could link up a trailer which would not
only provide the additional range via the IC engine but also room for luggage and reduce aerodynamic drag at
higher speeds. The trailers could be owned privately or hired when required.
53 All BEVs could use genset trailers and pusher trailers to extend their range without the additional weight during normal short-range use.
so trailers with drained batteries can also be rapidly swapped with a trailer with charged batteries.
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