Transport concepts
A practical and convenient public transport system
   Transport Concept 1: Public Transport and Co-ordinated Shared Transport (|COAST)
       Examples of the Advantages of COAST
       Summary: advantages of COAST
A low-carbon transport system using low width cars
    Transport Concept 2: Low Profile Vehicle with Complementary Infrastructure (|LOCI)
       Public acceptance of using smaller vehicles
       Safety issues concerning smaller vehicles
       Summary: advantages of LOCI
A low-carbon transport system for conventional sized cars
   Using fuels derived from biomass
   Using an hydrogen based fuel
   Using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
       Environmental benefits of BEVs
       Economics and range of BEVs with different battery technologies
       Conventional Approaches to Overcoming the Range Problem of BEVs
   Transport Concept 3: Electric Car Transporter |ELECAT
       Consolidating vehicles by means of an Electric Car Transporter (ELECAT)
       Design of the ELECAT and Associated Infrastructure
       Environmental Benefits of the ELECAT
       Road space saving for the ELECAT
       Comfort and Convenience of the ELECAT
       Cost of the ELECAT
       Example of how the ELECAT would be used
       Implications of the ELECAT for BEVs
       Rail ELECAT: a longer term view
       Summary: advantages of the ELECAT
   Methods for extending BEV range in areas not served by highways
       Replaceable power modules in SWAP stations
       Using powered trailers for additional room and propulsion
A low-carbon transport system for heavy vehicles
       Advantages and Limitations of rail transport
   Transport Concept 4: Integrated Infrastructure for Road and Rail Transport using Electrification (|INITIATE)
       The INITIATE Concept
       Environmental benefits of INITIATE
       Using hybrid steel/pneumatic tyres for trains
       Summary: advantages of INITIATE
Reducing the carbon emissions of long distance travel
   Technical improvements to aircraft
   MAGLEV technology
   Offsetting and Sequestering
   CO-ordinAted Shared Transport (COAST)
   LOw profile vehicle with Complementary Infrastructure (LOCI)
   ELEctric charging CAr Transporter (ELECAT)
   INtegrated InfrasTructure for Road and RaIl TrAnsporT using Electrification (INITIATE)
   Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)